Tech Data Europe GmbH, Kistlerhofstr. 75, 81379 Munich, Germany  agrees that it will comply with EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC as implemented in the respective Member States, and, from its implementation, the European General Data Protection Regulation, EU 2016/679, together with any additional implementing legislation, rules or regulations that are issued by the applicable supervisory authorities (the GDPR), and all other local applicable data protection and privacy legislation and regulations at all times, and shall not perform its obligations under this Agreement in such a way as to cause the other Party to breach any of its obligations under applicable data protection legislation.


Tech Data Europe GmbH collects and processes your Personal Data in
connection with your registration: Company name, address, names, job title, email, arrival, departure dates etc. in order for us to organize the event, confirm your registration, administer your attendance at the actual Event, organize transfers, hotel, badges, invoices etc. 


Tech Data Europe GmbH shares your Personal data with third parties like Hotel, travel agencies, marketing agencies  other service providers in connection with their work on our behalf  to provision our services to you. Tech Data Europe GmbH ensures that such providers protect your Personal Data with this Privacy policy and with applicable data protection laws.

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